3 Steps To Profits

Step 1

Visit gdiAP.

gdiAP is a site where you can join GDI,
It explains why you should be a member
of GDI and how GDI is promoted by gdiAP.

Step 2

Signup For gdiAP

Your GDI business is added to the gdiAP
Rotator. The Rotator now contains your
and other member's GDI Businesses. The
Rotator is a random display rotator, giving
your business a chance to be seen thousands
of times a day across the internet.

Step 3

The Rotator is Promoted all across the net
via our Splash Pages. You will see the Hot
Blonde and or the Monkey, that is gdiAP
promoting your Business.

Visit gdiAP and get started Now.

If unable to register click on
red dot with the white dash
at the bottom of your browser
and execpt cookies from this
site, then refresh your browser.