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1) Step One:

For the first step you'll need your own Internet business. Global Domains International (GDI) is the perfect business and one we can make you successful with. GDI offers an unlimited income potential and allows you to begin for FREE!

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To complete step one you'll need to start your own business with GDI by clicking the sponsor link (step one) on the bottom of this page. Before you go set up your new business finish reading this page so you'll understand how we'll do the work for you.

2) Step Two:

This step is very important as this is the step that puts us to work for you.

After joining GDI, simply come back to this page and add your new GDI username to our rotation. Our website receives over 8 million hits per month. That's 8 million potential GDI participants you can earn commssions from! Plus we advertise the rotator link containing your business all across the internet.

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You do not have to be an Internet Pro - We'll do the promoting for you! We take pride in ourselves helping you to make money. We understand that most people have a hard time referring others so that you can be a successful network marketer. Join GDI through the link below and we'll add your own GDI referral link into the rotation for only $5.00 for each month you want us to do the work for you! That's right, just $5.00 and we'll promote your new GDI business to millions of prospects!

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(after completing step 1, return to this page to complete step 2)

Step One:

Step Two:

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