Why You Need GDI-ws
Why Is GDI-ws So Important?

If you have an Internet Business or a Web Site, and you do not have 
the desired name you wish - you need GDI-ws. Here is an example, 
lets say your name is Tim Smith and you have an Internet Business, 
Tim's Sports Shop. Your Url is http://www.TimsSportsShop109g.10k.com, 
this is because your desired domain name in the dot.com world has 
already been taken. You see some friends at a party and you tell 
them about your Internet Business. Your friends ask you for your 
Web Site address and you tell them, its TimsSportsShop.109g.10k.com. 
Your friends does not have anything to write with, what are the 
chances they will remember your Web Site Address - not good. What if 
you could have told them Tims.ws or Hoops.ws. They probably would 
have remembered and visited your site. Let's say they wanted to email 
you, with GDI your email address could be contactme@hoops.ws or 
mailme@tims.ws. Using GDI's mail forwarding feature you could use one 
of the above email addresses and forward the email to your current 
email address. So in short you could have a short desirable Web Site 
& email address that you want. For more information click here.

GDI not only directly helps you in your business, it puts you in
the Domain / Server Business automatically, by letting you earn
on anyone that signs up under you. You get a two for one benefit.
A win win situation. You can't lose with GDI.

Once you have finished signing up, click here to promote your GDI