Atron's - Run Your Own AutoResponder (AR)

Atron here. Do you use an autoresponder with your business? 
Autoresponders are very useful in sending ads to your
prospectives and instructional news to your members. 
Autoresponder are essential in creating your own capture Ad 
Webpages. To see an example of a capture page we have created
using this AR code click here. To see other examples repeat 
clicking on click here.

The problem is the cost to be a member of a autoresponder. The
cost can range from $20.00 a month to $70.00 a month. Don't
you wish you had your own autoresponder. No more monthly 
fees eating away at your profits. How about an unlimited
number of autoresponders to promote as many businesses or
opportunities as you want. Well wish no more. Below are 
links to an autoresponder system that provides all of that 
and it is absolutely free. Down load the zip file and the
instructional pdf file and start running your own 
autoresponder. After you get up and running contact me and
I will show you how to change the text only format to html.

To Your Massive Success,
Atron's IBOs

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Down Load Autoresponder Zip File

Down Load The Instructional Guide

To Change AR To HTML

Find Subroutine sub sendmailadmin{
Change   print SM "Content-type:Content-Type: text/plain\n";
to	print SM "Content-type: text/html\n\n";   

Find Subroutine sub sendmail{
Change 	Type => "TEXT/HTML",    
to             Type => "TEXT",