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Terms and Conditions
- Your ad does not contain inappropriate contents
- Your ad will be in rotation for a total of 7 days
- After 7 days your ad will be taken out of rotation
- Your ad will be deleted if we can not send you emails
- Your ad can be disable if it causes the system any problems
- You are allowed to have one (1) ad per unique email address, url and name
- You Agree To Receive email comfirmation and ads From Atron's IBOs

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Double check your data, you will not be able to change it after submission. After submission, your ad data will be checked. You will receive an approval or disapproval notice via email. If approval, your ad will be put into rotation for a total of 7 days.
The Logic Behind FreeAd

FreeAd was developed to help advertise our downline members sites that had upgraded. As other non-members saw FreeAd, they asked to advertise on FreeAd, so we made available some extra ad slots for non-members. We thought that anyone serious about their online business should have as many tools as they can get, to make their online business a success.

When all available ad slots are filled we will stop taking new ads until ad slots open up. Owners of ad slots will have the 1st option to renew their ad. If the owner does not renew their ad the slot will be given to the next waiting ad. The available ad slots are limited inorder to make the advertising more effective, too many ads and your ad will not come up enough to be effective. Hopefully this explains our logic behind FreeAd. Thank you for using FreeAd.

To Your Massive Success