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Terms and Conditions
- Your ad does not contain inappropriate contents
- Your ad will be in rotation for 7 days free
- After 7 days you will have the option to delete your ad or order our 1 month ad package
- Our 1 month Ad Package cost $0.
- Your ad will be deleted if we can not send you emails
- Your ad can be disable if it causes the system any problems
- You are allowed to have one (1) ad per unique email address, url and name
- You Agree To Receive email comfirmation and ads From Atron's IBOs

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Double check your data, you will not be able to change it after submission. After submission, your ad data will be checked. If Approved, you will receive a confirmation notice via email. After confirmation, your Banner Ad will be put into rotation. Your Ad will remain in rotation for 7 days. After 7 days you will have the option to delete your ad or renew your ad for one month. Our 1 month Ad Package cost $0.
About Atron's Advertiser

Atron's Advertiser TBanner is our first advertising system not primarily dedicated to our down line. We have designed this system for anyone that wishes to advertise their 468 X 60 size banner, free for one week, then $0 a month thereafter. If you wish to advertise large banners, large text ads, video, or html script (webpages or part of a webpage) you should check out our Bottom Ads. Click on the above button for information on Bottom ads. We hope you enjoy using our Advertiser.

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